Black Madness (A4, 104 pages, in russian) interview with: Corpus Christii, Throneum, Akerbeltz, Christicide, Storming Darkness, Blacklodge, Primigenium, Псалом 666, Omnia Orta Cadunt, Acrimonious, Perditor, Craft, Bestial Mockery, Kaamos, Goatreich 666 + reviews and articles (russia / Ridge ov Dragon)
Bloodred Visions "Issue#1" (A4, 44 pages, in russian) interview with: 731, Storming Darkness, Voltaic Omen, Flageladör, Empty, Baal Zebuth, Gromm, Crystalline Darkness, Pro Inferis, Лютомысл, Black Autumn + reviews (russia / Self-released)
Caducifer "The Second Ceremony" (A4, 56 pages, in english) interview with: Imynvokad, Abyssian Desolation, Dreaming Void, Satanic Apostate, Necroparthenophagy, Teutoburg Forest, Panphage, Deus Ignotus, VI, Fides Inversa,Sanctus Nex, Inconcessus Lux Lucis, Ocultan + reviews and articles (ukraine / belarus / Omega)
Hate Meditation "1st issue" (A4, 34 pages, in english) interview with: Blackdeath, Strix, Zcerneboh, Wulkanaz, Förgjord, Akitsa, Warmarch, Ancestors, Svartrit, Avsky, Kaosritual + reviews and articles (slovakia / Skazonos Creations)
Satanik Terrorist Elite "Issue III" (A4, 68 pages, in english) interview with: Eliminator, Godslaying Hellblast, Satanic Malediction Zine, Morbid Goat Fornicator, Paganfire, Death Invoker, Ominous Crucifix, Dybbuk Rex, Hellscourge, Grave Ritual + reviews and articles (mexico / Self-released)
Soleil Tryste "Issue 2" (~A5, 64 pages, in english) interview with: Mournful Congregation, Aurvandil, Menace Ruine, Persistence in Mourning, Swallowed, Towers of Flesh, o.68, TotalRust Music (germany / Self-released)
Терозин "#2, autumn / 2011" (A4, 32 pages, in english) interview with: Ira Deum, Hellcannon, Midian, Hellish Crossfire, Deathstorm, Nema Labavo, Vulcano, Coprostasis, Forced Kill, Minotaur, Toxic Trace + reviews (bulgaria / Self-released)
Terror Cult "Issue 4 year 2011" (A4, 36 pages, in english) interview with: Corpus Christii, Elhaz, Odar, Thornafire, Svartfell, Black Blessing, Dictator, Silberbach, The True Endless, Kommandant, Decline, Ligfærd, Angelgoat + reviews and australian scene report (poland / Terror Cult)
The Sinister Flame "Issue III - Fiat Voluntas Mea" (A4, 52 pages, in english) interview with: Domains, Clandestine Blaze, Unholy, Abyssvm, Watain, Cultes Des Ghoules, Niantiel, Altar of Perversion + reviews, articles and other materials (finland / Self-released)
Voice of the Night "Issue #1 / 2011" (A4, 48 pages, in english) interview with: Moder, 666 in the Northern Sky zine, Spüolus, Paysage d'HIver, Dark Tribe, Autopsy + reviews (hungary / Self-released)
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